Venue & Location

The Venue

The conference venue will be the University Guesthouse and Conference Center at the University of Utah. The University of Utah is located just above downtown Salt Lake City and offers hiking trails in the adjacent mountains, a botanical garden, and a natural history museum containing the results of many local dinosaur digs. Salt Lake City is centrally located a short ight away from anywhere in the US or Europe (direct ights from London, Amsterdam, and Paris). The unbeatable 12-mile, 15-minute access from the Salt Lake International Airport allows attendees to spend less time traveling and more time relaxing while enjoying the many on-campus and downtown activities. From a housing perspective, attendees will have the choice of staying on campus or at any of the many 1 star to 4 star hotels downtown. Salt Lake City has plenty of dining establishments, shopping outlets, and year-round activities to keep attendees engaged and entertained.


The weather will likely be 12-18°C, but there is very little humidity in Utah, so that temperature is very comfortable for hiking, biking, and shopping.

Transportation to Salt Lake City

The conference venue is about 15 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport and there are public bus routes to the University of Utah campus, as well as shuttles, taxis, and rental car options.